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Here are some of my favorite authors to read! 
Bits and Pieces.jpg

If psychological thrillers with twists, turns, endings you don't see coming, and emotionally-compelling characters who make your heart pulse and your finger turning the pages, then pick up a Dawn Hosmer novel. You won't be disappointed. 

The End of Echoes.jpg
The Tear Collector.jpg

Do you love Stephen King? How about Stranger Things? Then this thrilling novel that crosses paranormal with horror and intrigue will grip you instantly! The Tear Collector showcases everything as Burgess drives the reader through a group of teenagers whose friendships are tested to their limits while trying to protect themselves as they unravel the murderous mystery of the town.   

Paint Me Fearless.jpg

Paint Me Fearless is a story of feeling less than and not enough and failed expectations and lost dreams and self-doubt... and above all, hope, love, forgiveness, and believing it is never too late to believe in yourself or find reality in your dreams. And rarely has a book been so aptly titled.  This is one of my favorite reads! 

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